Friday, October 26, 2012

Romney Loses Debate, Exposes His Own Contradiction

       At the end of the third and final debate, Romney found out that bullying and lying will not be tolerated. Fact-checking was definitely not helpful for Romney after having been called out on a number of issues and statements he made before and during his campaign. While Republicans are reeling from the absurdity of Romney's answers, they can only blame the media and the moderators they agreed to arbitrate. Their only recourse is to now rely on the stupidity of the middle-class tea party republicans' ability to vote against their own benefit and take the rest of us down with them just to "take the country back" from a black man in the White House.

       In short, the Republicans whine while the Democrats dine. What should have been a campaign of issues and policy, the Republicans have constantly shown that theirs' is a campaign of race-baiting and wedge issues that have nothing to do with the economy, domestic policy, or foreign policy. The Republicans prefer to gloss over the past and re-write recent history to favor themselves and blame others for their past transgressions. This is not an opinion, but actual fact. Just listen to them and look at their voting record and the laws they pass. Just recently, another judge barred Pennsylvania from enforcing its own voter "fraud" law.

       During the third and final debate, Romney tried to retreat back into "moderate republican" Romney to make up for lost ground from the second debate. That worked like a screen door on a submarine. Although Romney and the Republican party is floundering in this election, the Romney campaign is now relying on corporate business owners to force their employees to vote for him (Romney) under the threat of losing their jobs. This is an example of plutocrats forcing their will among their employees. In another example, early voters in red states are voting for Romney simply because he is a Republican despite the fact that Romney called them "freeloaders" and "moochers" many times behind closed doors. One has to question, "what else has he said about you and me, veterans, the elderly, and the real middle-class Americans"?

       Although both parties want Americans to go out and vote, the Republican party continue to make clear that they only want like-minded republicans to vote by enforcing those so called "voter fraud" laws. There is recent news that Tagg Romney, son of Mitt Romney, owns a company that manufactures voting machines and is selling them in Ohio. This is a big conflict of interest since daddy is running for president. If "voter fraud" laws won't work, maybe rigged voting machines will, just like the 2000 election with Diebold voting machines.

       As the RNC and Romneys' clock is running out, the only recourse their party has is to threaten and intimidate voters into not voting, or vote for a man they clearly did not want as their candidate at the beginning of this election year because of he is a member of the Mormon faith. Remember this: a vote for Romney and other Republicans running for office is a vote for a plutocracy and a vote against democracy.