Friday, November 9, 2012

Loathing and Excuses in Republican Land

       As the republican base and RNC seeth in anger and frustration, they are quick to pass blame on everyone and everything except themselves from a super storm to "stupid people", as some pundits have said. First and foremost, super storm Sandy was highly blamed coupled with Chris Christie thanking President Obama for doing his job and helping the storm-damaged state. Republicans were quick to shame Gov. Christie by saying "he endorsed the president" when he did not. Gov. Christie chastise the republican party for their quick and wrong accusation while standing his ground as a real conservative not afraid to stand up to what he believes in, instead of returning into the fold lock-step with nary an utterance to the contrary.

       Republican mouth-piece Limbaugh sounded off a list of "offenders" from minorities (especially hispanics), women, ignorant voters, young new voters, gays and lesbians, state and federal supreme court justices, and super storm Sandy. It is speculative that Limbaugh did not admit that the voter suppression laws failed or Tagg Romney's voting machines were pulled before the election. Instead, Limbaugh went on a rant, short of using expletives or racial slurs.

       The only true excuse not used by many republicans and the RNC is that Mitty-boy never really  connected with anyone below his tax bracket. The majority of Americans only saw the bully for what he really is: a plutocrat with contempt for poor and middle-class Americans. One would bet that even Big Bird was used as an excuse for Romney's loss. But, the loudest ones making excuses is Karl Rove and other super PACs that spent over a combined billion dollars and got NOTHING! Millionaires and billionaires are also demanding to know what happened and may decide to sue for a refund. I bit of advice for them is to remind them that if they make a bet and lost, there are no refunds, so let the buyer beware.

       Just recently, Karl Rove accused the president of (get this...) SUPPRESSING the vote! How cynnical and low will they go? This is coming from a party that demanded cutting the early voting days in half (or just doing away with it all together!), shrinking the hours for people to vote, causing long lines and hours to wait to vote in minority-heavy districts, denying people their right to vote, redistricting boundaries to lean more republican. Basically, this is republicans at what they do best: lying, cheating, and stealing to win an election at any cost. After all of this, they still lost.

       Facts be damned for any republican voter to admit to. There is no convincing them that the republicans have no interest in them except their vote (permission) to strip them of their rights, little by little. It should be insulting to ALL Americans when you see and hear people like O'Reilly, Limbaugh, Reince Prebus, Fox and "Friends" commentators, and Fox "News" entirely make cynnical and insulting remarks about minorities and women. Some of these Tea Party "conservatives" were actually calling out for a civil war to "storm the capitol and take the White House by force". Sounds like treason to me!

       As of now, we can only hear more excuses and blame. But none to themselves.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

It's Over! America Wins!!


       In the final hours of the election, before the first polls closed and votes counted, Republicans continued to insult the president and demean those who vote democrat. Not even wishful thinking and praying from all republicans could get Mitt elected. Republicans had every opportunity to win the election by working with the president rather than against him. All of the economic and jobs bills that came from the president had more republican ideas than democrat ideas, but republicans chose to make it their only effort and job to make President Obama a one-term president.

       Mitch McConnell sounded the hatred and anger in his pledge to ruin President Obama's administration through outright partisanship and deny him anything at every turn. Full transparency into how all republicans are to act hostile to the president. Technically, this was treason on the republicans part because they openly abdicated a civil war, expecting citizens to rise up in arms to "take back the country" from overt obstructionism to using "second amendment remedies".

       Mitt Romney was supposed to win through the use of voter suppression laws, his billionaire friends and donors, lies, "Citizens United", and rigged voting machines in Ohio. In the case of the voter suppression laws, it seemed to back-fire because those very laws designed to discourage minorities, veterans, and women, also alienated his own republican voter bloc.

       However, Mitty-boy did most of the damage to himself by identifying the middle-class as those who earn $250,000 up to one million and alienating those who do not by calling them moochers, only wanting a handout and "not wanting to take personal responsibility to earn a living". Mitt also said "Let Detroit go bankrupt". Mitt angered our allies as well as refuse to show America at least eight years of his tax returns and responded to a crisis prematurely without waiting for the facts. Mitt also showed that he does not know or understand foreign policy and flipped on allowing his record at Bain Capital and his tenure as governor to show what kind of person he is. Instead, he has only showed us how much of a bully he really is from his youth to a spiteful candidate.

       The republicans failed in their efforts to block the vote and tried to use race and gender as a definitive factor to divide the electorate. Hopefully, this will be the last we'll see Mitt or any other plutocrat run for office. So, who will it be in 2016? Jeb Bush? Chris Christie? Jon Huntsman? Donald Trump? We shall see in 2015, so get ready for that campaign to get uglier. Republican strategist are already learning from this election and planning their next platform to run on, so be prepared to hear more euphemisms and code talk to influence their base while skewing or dismissing the facts of the matter.

       Should the republicans regain the White House, there will be a campaign to bring a "right-to work" law that would give organizations to bust unions and erase pensions and retirement accounts, and take away the rights of workers to have a voice in the law. If they can get that to pass, Civil Rights will be next, just as Rand Paul wanted.

       If you can, influence the young on the importance of education, inform the clueless and misinformed, use logic where needed, and keep up with important issues to call out those who lie or "opinionate" actual fact.

       Go get'em tiger!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Twilight of the Vote

       November 6, 2012. Presidential election day. It has now come down to the wire. Will there be enough people who bought into Romney's campaign of hate, fear, and outright lies to put him into office? Or will President Barack Obama's campaign of facts and fairness give him four more years to repair the damage done by Bush and the Republican party?

       As you look at the photos above, please take a moment to think of what the caption should be. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words!

       In a desperate attempt to turn a failing campaign around, Romney and the RNC sunk to a new low by lying about the president wanting to send Chrysler's Jeep production to China. Not only did Chrysler and General Motors (GM) rebuke Romney's lie, each organization had to reassure their employees that their jobs are staying in the US.

       According to President Obama's record, he has worked hard to bring jobs back to American shores, and continues to do so with moderate success despite the overt obstructionism from republicans in the House of Representatives.

       Based on what Mitt Romney said about Chrysler and the auto industry, he should be brought up on ethical violation charges after he loses the election. As for his campaign, Romney has continued to champion more tax breaks for the rich, de-regulate Wall Street, and allow organizations to SHIP JOBS OVERSEAS!

       This is not a hard decision to make. Undecided voters should know and understand that under a Romney/Ryan administration, their investments in Social Security and Medicare will disappear. Their job may be reduced or exported. Their pay may shrink either by having "fees" (taxes) added to their paychecks and/or a nation-wide "right-to-work" policy will be signed into law thus nullifying OSHA, EEOC, and hollow out Civil Rights to give organizations rights over their employees and strip employees right to have a voice in the workplace.

       Simply put, if you make $250,000 up to a million dollars per year, you're the middle-class Romney has classified. If not, then you're the 47% moochers and freeloaders that Romney sees and has talked about throughout his campaign and has no interest in helping.

       As Americans, it is your right and civic duty to vote. Please do so before that right is taken away by Republicans and their voter suppression laws.