Saturday, March 30, 2013

       WOW!! The new face of hate! It is not that the republican congressman "didn't get the memo", he simply ignored it after weeks of Reince Priebus instructing the Good-Ole' boys Party (GOP) office holders to marketing a lip-service plan to "lure" Hispanics to their side. Aren't we all, as Americans, on the same side: America? Such malicious and hateful language towards any minority should not be tolerated, regardless of how they were raised and especially if they are public representatives of any party, political or otherwise.

       Although there are no simple solutions to todays problems America faces, or to the wedge issues republicans continue to drum up just to raise the ire of their base and supporters, they simply fail to cooperate and work fairly with anyone with a difference of opinion. The overall republican message seems to be, "...if we can't beat them, lie, cheat and steal". The biggest lie todays' republicans have committed was to campaign representation to all Americans and to the Constitution when they have continued to show a lack thereof, only to serve those of large industry and the top 1%.

       The middle-class and poor who vote republican believe that their choice of candidate is reflective of what they think is right. It is not the intent to be just as intolerant, but to let them be free to make bad choices. Despite actual facts to the contrary of what said voting block believes in, the First Amendment of the Constitution allows them to speak their mind. Unfortunately, "conservative" "news" outlets have filled the airwaves with one-sided opinions, twisted facts, outright lies and hypocrisy and used their influence to tell their viewers what to think and how to vote. And now, after republican Don Young used a racial slur proudly on Alaskan radio, his utterance continues to show the true nature of the republican party and (assumingly) some of their voters.

       As Americans, free to think for ourselves and form our own opinions from proven independent conclusive fact, we must realize that discrimination today is now based on wealth rather than race, religion, culture, sexual preference, creed, and employment status, which republicans use to strike fear and hate in their message. After all, it is their policy that Priebus is trying to defend. The wedge issues of the aforementioned is merely a fa├žade of the GOP's true intent to turn our democracy into an autocracy run by oligarchs. With such devices in place and enough of the voting population to give them enough power, people will see more of their rights taken away by new policies that would make the USA Patriot act look like a foot note. After all, Rand Paul has made it very clear that he wants to strike off key provisions of the Civil Rights Act with no denunciation from the republican party and much support from Tea Party republicans.

       So, what are we to think of Priebus new strategy? Are there going to be any more republican office holders blurt out more racially charged speeches with innuendo and conjecture? Or are we to believe that they are willing to change their policies in light of the savaging they received from the last presidential election? Probably not. After all, they continue to blame everyone but themselves and their own policies. Once again, the republicans are going to continue taking us down their yellow brick road to Oz.