Wednesday, July 13, 2011

“The People Have Spoken!”

At the time when John Boehner took the gavel and became the new Speaker of the house, he proclaimed "the people have spoken..." implying American voters chose Republicans as the right choice to create jobs. Although there are many reasons why more voters believed Boehner and his cohorts would begin introducing job-creating bills on the House floor, Speaker Boehner chose to put Republican ideological agendas on the House floor with no jobs bills at all. Instead, Boehner, coordinating with Senate Republicans, held the nation hostage by refusing to pass unemployment benefits to the unemployed workers who had lost their jobs under the Bush administration. That was not representing the American people. That was representing American business interest.
It is now obvious (or at least it should be) to the American people that theyhad no intention to create any jobs at all as they promised in their campaigns and only continue to push Bush-era policies to keep giving millionaires and billionaires, big businesses and energy companies more corporate welfare and tax breaks while stripping away women's rights, collective bargaining, and rigging upcoming elections by redistricting to favor only Republican candidates and disenfranchise minorities and senior voters. To be fair, there are more millionaires and billionaires who agree that they would prefer to pay their fair share in taxes as some polls have shown,
Alas, the people have spoken again and they are now telling the Boehner Bunch to work on what they promised in the last election. Boehner, along with Cantor, McConnell, Kyle, Bachmann, and the other Republican nut-bags, can no longer keep lying to the American people, nor can they regain Tea Bagger support because they were not "right" enough for the movement. The only ones left most republicans can run back to for support are the lemmings who only vote Republican simply because they are Republican, and the ultra-conservative evangelical born-again Christians like Ted Haggard and John Haggee; a disgraced conservative evangelist and an anti-Semitic blowhard.
Just recently, President Barak Obama upped the ante for Republicans by offering, to the dismay of many Democrats, 4 trillion in spending cuts that included trimming Medicare and Social Security: a Republican wet dream which they (Republicans) refused. Was it a ploy by the President to call the Republican's bluff? If so, it exposed the Republicans primary goal of denying President Obama any more successes. The Republicans have, again, made it very clear that they would prefer to sabotage the American economy with no jobs bill on the House floor at the expense of the American people.
The people have spoken again, but the Republicans continue to have selective hearing.

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