Sunday, July 10, 2011

Who Is The Most Right of the Right?

The race to become the top Republican to challenge President Barack Obama has now come to a full swing! (unless Rick Perry decides to run, also). Let their records speak for themselves, unedited and without the fluff!
It is amazing how these "candidates" have no real issues to talk about except bash President Obama and any Democrat that has yielded actual success. It seems that there is an actual Republican policy in place to purposely sabotage the country in order to make the Obama administration a failure. The ones who have suffered the most continue to be the middle-class and the poor who still struggle with unemployment and underemployment created by the previous administration. The only primary Republican plan each candidate truly has is to insure President Obama is a one-term president.
It is obvious that the key concepts Republicans continue to use is fear and hate coupled with non-factual claims (also known as lying), as well as blaming the current President for the faults of W and his corporate/cronyistic administration.
Now, it is a contest among the Republican presidential hopefuls to determine exactly who is the most "right" in the right wing. As Republican and Tea Party candidates continue to misinterpret and rewrite history to favor right-wing philosophy, it leave more room for hypocrisy to become apparent.
For actual "conservative" republicans, Mitt Romney is technically favored to lead his party to challenge President Obama. However, Michele Bachmann, a Tea Party favorite, is also favored to do the same and become the first female president. There is only one problem for each of the two candidates: the Republican party itself has made it very clear that no Mormon or female will ever become president from within the party itself under actual conservative beliefs.
Mitt Romney continues to defend his own health care policy from the very Republicans who attack President Obama's health care law. Before President Obama was sworn into office, every Republican from under every rock supported Mitt Romney's health care law. Now, they are against it because President Obama used Mitt Romney's health care law as a template for all Americans. As for Michele Bachmann, she must convince all republicans that she is the right choice for the Republican Party despite her gender.
In both cases, each has to "out-right" the other candidates in who can falsify actual successes, misinterpret facts, revise history to support their philosophy, continue blaming the wrong person for the country's economic woes while causing the damage themselves and, most importantly, continue attacking President Obama and Democrats and blaming them for everything including dandruff.

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